Saturday, February 17, 2007

Baked fillet of Sole on Rosemary potato Avec Passionfruit coulis n Ginger Balsamic reduction

Serves 2

Sole fillet - 400-450gms
Potato - 2 Nos
Fresh Rosemary - 10gms
Passionfruit coulis - 150ml
Ginger - 20gms
Balsamic Vinegar - 600ml
Sugar - for sweetening(as reqd in other terms)
Salt - to taste
Pepper - to season
Butter - 50gms
Cream - 50ml

Add sugar into the coulis and reduce it in a saucepan.Finish off with cornflour(if required)
In another saucepan,add crushed ginger into balsamic vinegar with sugar and allow to reduce till u obtain a string like consistency.
Boil the potatoes,peel and mash.Heat butter add the cream,salt,pepper.Add in chopped rosemary into this and finally the mashed potato.Mix well and fill into a timbal.
Arrange the sole fillets on a lighly greased baking tray.season with salt pepper and bake at 180 degrees for 5-6 mins.

Heat the rosemary mash and demould in the plate.arrange the sole fillets besides the timbal.Pour the coulis partly over the fish and drizzlethe reduction.

My Tip -
A small bunch of Sakura mix would enhance the presentation
Do not chop the rosemary too fine in order to make it visible in the potato.This will give a neat effect of chips on the potato.

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